Critics about me

The appearance of young artists who have applied for the Biennial Of Näive and Marginal Art for the first time while still searching for own expression, is very encouraging. Remarkable for artistic value of her work is Jelena Markovic, who was awarded Mention for the Exhibited Works. Her drawings, done in coloured penc on paper, landscapes of intimate narration are realized in spontaneous, linear structure of dense stylized intermingling of geometrical and floral elements and hidden signs and symbols of the artist’s inner world. The shapes, stylized to the ornamental, with linear network of silver and golden nuances drawn on black background are, as dominant elements, connected and integrated into a dynamic artistic solution, their implications being inferior. In this way, the artist’s intimate microcosm is transformed into macrocosm of the drawing.

Ivana Jovanovic, 13th biennial of Naive and Marginal Art brochure, October 2007


Tomislav Blagojevic and Jelena Markovic belong to the youngest generation of artists whose participation in the Colony is the stimulus in further exploration of own artistic expression. Employing pure colour and strong stylization, Blagojevic reduces the shapes to symbols and signs, thus constructing and interpreting his remote and imagionary worlds. Jelena Markovic introduced herself using a specific visual diary, realized in the form of sensitive and sophisticated powerful drawing. The basic structure of the drawing consists of overall contrasts of filled and empty space, organized in daring, imaginary and completely spontaneous combination of most various drawings elements: dancing web of lines, hatches and intertwines, in the midst of which the symbols of the artist’s personal preoccupations emerge as a kind of leitmotifs.

Marica Vracevic, 14th Colony of Naive and Marginal Art brochure, September 2008

Between Love and Hatred